White Ribbon Ladies Day 2013

Updated: July 10, 2013
Ladies Day 2013

Ladies Day at the Magic this year, in support of White Ribbon, was held at Charles McLaughlin Reserve Sportsground and the sun was a plenty on this special day. There were cupcakes, slices, cakes, lollies, drinks and a few surprises for the ladies of the Magic there on the day.

Blacktown Magic would like to say thanks to all the lovely ladies in our lives, to the support shown for the day and a special mention to those who organised the fantastic event. It was the biggest crowd that the Magic have had all year and fitting that it was to support such a great cause.  Over $370 was raised through donations and this will be donated to White Ribbon.

The entertainment for the day was on the park with both sides playing at home and some really exciting football was showcased by both teams.

The Division 5 team played one of the most outstanding games of football to date and not one player ever shirked a contest, or left a mate down. The effort was there for all 4 quarters, and everyone ran out everything they had in the game. Nothing was left on the field and unfortunately they went down by 1 point to UNSW 42-41.

The Division 3 team flexed their muscles and put on a highlight reel for the ladies against Macquarie University. From the first bounce the Magic players dominated and dictated played and it was good to see that they kept that momentum for the entire match. A message was sent to the competition that the Magic means business this year with a thumping 220-7 scoreline at the final siren.


Ladies Day Overview


The club had organized the first of many educational sessions on the Thursday 4th July focusing on stopping violence against women and connecting this to our charity of choice White Ribbon – led by Community Liaison Senior Constable Jason Roughley. The players were educated on who and what White Ribbon was all about and raising funds for the awareness of White Ribbon and its cause. This educational session was a great segway to raise awareness prior to the weekend celebrations.


Div 5 Round 12 Blacktown Magic players proudly wore white tape around their arms to support White Ribbon during their matches on the weekend.

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