About us…

It has been a very busy off season for the Magic, and we have some very exciting news to update you on. In 2016, we will be re-launching as the…




This will take effect from 1 Jan 2016, and will involve a complete re-branding of the fastest growing club in Sydney AFL. We are very excited about the growth we are going through, and the direction the club is taking. We look forward to you being a part of that in 2016 and beyond.


Why the change? Please read on below for the background…


A short history of the Magic…

While only 4 years old, we have had an incredibly successful beginning, as we climb the ranks to becoming a powerhouse club in Western Sydney. Since inception, we have…

–             Competed in 5 Grand Finals

–             Won 3 Premierships

–             2 League goal-kicking awards

–             Became the first Gold Accredited Quality Club in NSW/ACT; and

–             The only winner of the Swisse Australian Community AFL Club of Year


Where we are heading…

During the 2015 season review, the executive committee reviewed our club’s three year strategic plan with a particular focus on our involvement in driving participation and involvement for AFL in Western Sydney. Our review enabled the articulation of our strategic vision and purpose:


“We strive to be a club that draws people in. A club built on the culture, driven from the people within. This is our first and primary objective. With this at the forefront, we aim to be the powerhouse club of Western Sydney. The club of choice for juniors, women’s and men’s players alike. Not only do we want to earn our way to the top men’s Premier Division, we want to do it the right way. We want our Women’s team to go from strength to strength and compete in Sydney’s top tier competition, having fun and creating long lasting friendships along the way.


Our focus of growth of the game in Western Sydney is of upmost importance. We don’t want any free passes or concessions, we want our on field results to reflect where we compete in the Sydney AFL competition. We will earn our premierships with committed players contributing to our successful family club culture. We want our players to have the best facilities on offer, the best playing apparel to play in, and the highest quality gear to train with. We want our club to be happy and healthy with the largest active volunteer base, the most qualified coaches to be mentored by and the most efficiently run club off the field so that there is nothing else to think about other than football. These are our goals, our vision, and our purpose.


We value our culture and people above all else. And look forward to the successes and satisfaction that this breeds. We are the Western Magic.”


After consultation with Sydney AFL and AFL NSW/ACT, our direction, goals and ambitions have been set, agreed and formally approved.


Western Magic 3


Links to Junior Clubs in the West…

An important component of our strategy was widening our geographic catchment and establishing clear lines for development with surrounding junior clubs. We have established vital relations with several surrounding junior clubs with the goal to enter our first ever U/19s team in the 2016 season. This goal is to provide a clear line of transition from junior football, through the academy development squads into U/19s and eventually competing at the highest level on offer in the Sydney AFL competition with the Magic. This not only applies to the men’s teams but also our women’s teams.


Building Women’s footy in the West…

In 2015, we were successful in entering our first ever women’s team – it was a fantastic achievement and the women’s team exceeded all expectations by competing deep into the final series. We have high targets for our women’s team in 2016 and can not wait to see them compete in their first grand final and challenging for the premiership flag. To help achieve these targets this year and more to follow, we have established some vital connections for the development of women’s football. The Magic and the Baulkham Hills Hawks Junior Girls teams will support each other this year with the aim of producing future Magicians in the years to follow – something we are very excited about.


Being an attractive brand in the West…

Another important component of our strategy was ensuring our branding accurately depicted and portrayed who we were as a club but more importantly who we wanted to be. We want to and will be the powerhouse club of Western Sydney football in the Sydney AFL competition. Our aim is to be competing in the Premier Division competition in either the 2017/18 seasons and we firmly believe that our club’s branding should not be suburb agnostic but more geographically encompassing.


This decision has and will continue to open options for major sponsorships, further community engagement and attracting new players to the club. We want to be a club that caters to all of Western Sydney, not just the Blacktown suburb and or council. This is not a shift away from our roots – but an extension of where we will be reaching.


As a result and after a unanimous vote by the committee, work was undertaken to select the most attractive option for our re-brand of the Magic. We did not want to walk away from our ‘Magic’ heritage, who we are, what we have achieved in our short history but we wanted to take it to the next echelon of success. Our rebranding decision has intentionally been made to be one step ahead of the pending council referendum in the renaming of Blacktown City Council.



2016 looks to be a big year here at the Magic with our newly promoted first grade team into Division One, our reserve grade team having another year in Division Four, entering our first ever U/19s team and finally our Women’s team bolstering the ranks ready to be a competition heavy weight come finals time.


If you would like to take a role assisting in us rolling out the new brand and building new partnerships for the club, we’d love to have you on board. We’re excited to continue making history at this great club, and look forward to your continued support.


Go Magic.