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Updated: August 14, 2013
Div 5 Round 16


If you have been following the Division Five’s progress and run into the final match of the home and away rounds, you would be well aware that they needed to win their last match of the year to secure a spot in the finals campaign. This week’s battle was against fourth placed Sydney University who were already guaranteed a spot in the finals and wanting to be able to dictate who they played in the first week of finals with a solid performance if they defeated the Magic.

There was a great deal of excitement at Blacktown International Sports Park on Saturday with the prospect of a finals berth for the competition’s newest team. The Magic were focused on what was on offer but they had a game of football to get through before any celebrations or commiserations could take place.

The Magic were in red hot form and this was evident from the first bounce. The first quarter was dominated by the Magic with the only negative being their conversion rate in front of goal. Sydney University were kept scoreless probably for the first time this season and looked some what shell shocked at how dominating the Magic were with their defensive press and forward movements. The forward line of Shannon Deusson, Jared Clifford, Alex Robertson and Darren Edmomdson created havoc with their height and presence culminating in numerous set shots in front of goal. The quarter ended with 3.9 (27) – 0.0 (0) to the Magic’s favour and it was only a taste of what was going to come for the remainder of the match.

At quarter time, coach Ben Grey expressed the key to second quarter success was focusing on their set shots and this message was followed precisely. Fourteen scoring shots to one was the outcome to what was undeniably the best half of football the Magic has played. The goals flowed to the forwards Darren Edmondson, Brad Whale, Jay Roughley, Andrew Kent and Greg Driscoll. Once the midfield got into their groove they were very difficult to stop, with particular mention to Fabian McLeod, Mbimbi Mbimbi and Jamie Miller who were extremely difficult to tag all game. The Magic went into the sheds full of voice and confidence with the scoreboard at 12.14 (86) – 1.0 (6).

The third quarter started and finished much the same to the previous two with the Magicians making this a one sided affair slotting home eights majors to the Uni’s one. The casual observer would be mistaken to think that the Magicians were ahead of Uni on the ladder with the dominating performance which was on show testiment to the focus and intensity which the Magic took to the match. Defenders Mike O’Grady, Iain Freeman and Scott Stocker kept the Uni forward line extremely quiet all match eliminating any threat at goal before it could gain momentum. The half back line of Craig Reynolds, Jimmy Shepherd and Andy Pyman were as solid as a rock and set up the wall of defence which Uni found extremely difficult to pass. The quarter ended 20.15 (135) – 2.0 (13) to the Magic.

In the final quarter it was a much more even affair with on a handful of shots in total for both sides, perhaps a sign that the weather was taking its tole of both sides. Jordan Rohr and Tony Zak continued to influence the game with some critical disposals when the ball was in their hands. Tim Baracz, with the help of Clifford, once again dominated the centre square with their ruck work and were rarely beaten. At the final siren the Magic players were estatic at the result of the match and what they had achieved. The final score 20.22 (143) – 2.1 (13). Finals bound.

It was magical to watch the Division 5 side go through their strides and dominate a team so convincingly a week before finals and for the first time scoring over 100 points in a match. What this team has achieved with a squad of majority of first year players, is simply remarkable and are a testiment to the club without a doubt.

The Magic enter the their first finals series against Sydney Unversity at Henson Oval @ 12.15pm and no doubt they will do the Magic proud with their performance on the park – good luck Magicians!

Goal Kickers

D. Edmondson 6, J. Roughley 3, B. Whale 3, G. Driscoll 2, A. Kent 2, J. Miller 2, F. McLeod , M. Mbimbi

Best on Ground

J. Miller, M. Mbimbi, J. Rohr, T. Baracz, J. Shepherd, M. O”Grady


Div 5 Round 16 Game



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