Grandstand Finish Awaits the Magic

Updated: August 6, 2013
Div 5 Round 15

Here we are at Round 15, 2 rounds to go in the Division 5 competition and 2 must wins for the Magic. This week they face the formidable opponent from the west, Penrith Rams, who are also still on the hunt for that final spot in the finals campaign for 2013.


When both teams versed one another in the Battle of the West round, it was the Rams final quarter performance which out muscled and out scored the Magic and were deserved winners on the day. Today’s contest was going to be a very close affair however and with the Magic in red hot form from winning their last few matches, it seems they have peaked at the right end of the season for the home run. The Rams on the other hand have had some mixed results of late but the Rams’ notorious reputation for being one of the more physical teams of the competition would test the skills and approach of the Magic on the day.

It was a sun filled but windy day at Greygums Oval in Cranebrook and from the first bounce you could cut the tension with a knife. Both teams knew what was at stake and neither team held back. The wind was playing  major factor in the first quarter with no real forward line penetration occurring for either team. Blacktown Magic were able to get the first score on the board via the boot of Darren Edmondson. A few minor scores for Blacktown were the only additions for the remainder of an action packed term, finishing 1.1 (8) – 0.0 (0) in the Magic’s favour.

The second quarter not only matched the previous in intensity but also provided some work for the scorers with both teams posting a few scores each. It seemed as though the players had adjusted to the wind factor with their approach to the game and passages of play were providing some great entertainment. The midfield combinations of Greg Driscoll, Steven Ruaporo, Mbimbi Mbimbi, Andy Pyman, Jamie Miller and Dean Barber were creating plenty of opportunities and leading the way in defence by restricting the movement through the centre corridor from the Rams. Ruckmen Tim Baracz and Jared Clifford once again dominated the high ball with nearly every tap going to their advantage. The Magic were kept honest by the Rams who outscored the away team in the quarter but did not head into the sheds in front. The Magic were slightly ahead 4.4 (28) – 3.4 (22).

At half time the respective coaches would have highlighted that both teams were still in the game and had everything to play for with a finals berth the possible prize at the end of the game. Blacktown started the better of the two sides and were physically relentless when going for the ball and this was evident on the scoreboard at the end of the quarter. Some solid performances from Pranav Rampal, Stuart Pike, Hamish and Matt Berg on the wings serviced the forward line on numerous occasions with the quality of service that of higher divisions. It was disappointing to see that a few off the ball incidents from the Rams resulted in injuries to the Magic players with some coming off for the remainder of the game. The Magic were aided with goals from Andrew Kent, Andy Pyman and Darren Edmondson. The score at the siren of the third quarter was Magic 6.6 (42) – 4.5 (29).

The last quarter and everything was on the line, the Magic were in front but the Rams were not going give up with out a fight. Some fantastic defensive work from Mike O’Grady, Scott Stocker and Iain Freeman kept the Rams to single major scoring shots three quaters in a row and provided the platform for the forward movement from defense to attack. Jordan Rohr and Mbimbi Mbimbi were rock solid in the middle and were a wall whenever the Rams tried to exit their defensive half. Things nearly came to boil when the Rams took dislike to a fair and solid tackle with a push and shove altercation occuring infront of the Magic’s interchange bench but the umpires took charge and went on with the match. The Magic were not deterred and closed out the match convincingly 9.9 (63)  – 5.7 (37).


The result now provides the Magic the grandstand finish that all teams play for, a definite spot in the finals campaign. This week they verse fourth place Sydney Univeristy and it will be an interesting match to say the least as this is the last piece of the puzzle for the Magic’s finals campaign journey.


Best of luck this week Magicians!


Div 5 Round 15 SHOT


Goal Kickers

D. Edmondson 3, A. Kent 3, A. Pyman 2, J. Miller

Best on Ground

M. Mbimbi, J. Miller, G. Driscoll, J. Rohr, A. Pyman, M. O”Grady


Round 15 div 5

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