Officials Code of Conduct

(Updated January 2012) 


  • Display fairness and uniformity in applying the rules.
  • Be honest in your assessment of situations.
  • Be consistent and courteous in calling all infractions.
  • Condemn deliberate fouls as being unsporting and promote fair play and appropriate sports behaviour.
  • The health and safety of the players must be the most important reason to be weighed in during the decision making process.
  • Use common sense to ensure the ‘spirit of the game’ for players is not lost by being too pedantic when applying the rules.
  • Be a positive role model in behaviour and personal appearance.
  • Ensure you remain up to date with any rule changes and/or interpretation of rules as laid down by the AFL
  • Seek continual self-improvement through study, performance appraisal and regular updating of competencies.
  • Do not engage in physical and/or verbal intimidation, abuse or conduct toward any player, official, umpire or supporter. Such actions are totally unacceptable.
  • Do not use information technology to make or post inappropriate comments against players, clubs, club officials, match officials or the League which is discriminatory or offensive. Information technology includes, but is not limited to, email, instant messaging, text messages, phone messages, digital images, website postings (including social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs).