Coaches Code of Conduct

(Updated January 2012) 

  • Set a good example and display utmost honesty and integrity in all dealings.
  • Teach fair play and good sportsmanship
  • Never place the value of winning above that of instilling the highest possible ideals and character.
  • Be reasonable in demands, setting goals and expectations at an attainable level.
  • Maintain a current knowledge of the rules of the game.
  • Teach and interpret the laws of the game to the players.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all individuals within the context of my involvement in Australian Football, including refraining from any discriminatory practices on the basis of race, religion, ethnic background, or special ability/disability.
  • Encourage and create opportunities to develop individual as well as team skill.
  • Ensure that all players understand the importance of regular attendance at training and positive attitude at training and that team selection throughout the season, including the finals, may be influenced by their training attendance and attitude.
  • Ensure that injured players are given prompt and competent medical attention and that doctor’s orders are strictly adhered to.
  • Endeavour to keep informed regarding sound principles of coaching and skill development and of factors relating to the welfare of my players.
  • Display and teach appropriate sporting behaviour, ensuring that players understand and practice fair play.
  • Display and foster respect for umpires, opponents, coaches, administrators, other officials, parents and spectators.
  • Abide by the By-Laws, (Rules & Regulations) and the Competition Rules of the AFL Sydney.
  • Do not engage in physical and/or verbal intimidation, abuse or conduct toward any player, official, umpire or supporter. Such actions are totally unacceptable.
  • Respect the facilities and equipment of their own and opposing Clubs
  • Make no detrimental statements in public (radio, television, print or electronic media) in respect to the performance of any match officials, players, or any policy decisions of the Club or to the AFL Sydney.
  • Do not use information technology to make or post inappropriate comments against players, clubs, club officials, match officials or the League which is discriminatory or offensive. Information technology includes, but is not limited to, email, instant messaging, text messages, phone messages, digital images, website postings (including social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs).