Club Expectations

The Magic highly regards the culture of this Club, one which is based on mateship, participation and hard work both on and off the field. The Club can only achieve success with the full support of players and officials working and playing for a common cause.


The Club therefore needs your support and it is expected that each member of the Club will contribute to the many activities that need to be undertaken during the course of the season including:


1) Game Day Duties – Every week we require members to undertake certain functions including goal umpire, timekeeper, scoreboard attendant, runners, water runners, BBQ duties at home games, setting up for home games and packing away at the end of the day. We will allocate duties on a roster basis and each member will know well in advance what they will need to do on game day, if you cannot fulfil the duty it will be your responsibility to arrange a swap.


2) Fund Raising – No community club can survive without fundraising throughout a season and we require your full support for our fund raising activities throughout the year. The operating costs for two teams to be completing in a season costs over $50K and playing fees are only a small part of where the funds come from to operate the Club and this is why fundraising is so important.


3) Game Day Wear – All players are required to wear black suit pants, black shoes and the club polo shirt. This maintains a professional look and feel for the club to the greater public and our contractual agreements with our sponsors.


4) The player acknowledges that while the club will look to involve non-playing support where possible, players are expected to contribute their time evenly to the operational functions of match day.


5) The club will provide a roster of duties that will be split between the playing group. These duties will include, but may not be limited to, goal umpiring, boundary, timekeeping, magnet board management, water, running, ground management, BBQ and canteen.


6) There will be an information session prior to the start of the season that will provide the playing group with education and training around operational aspects of these roles, all players are required to attend this session.


7) If a player is unable to fulfil his game day duty at any time it is his responsibility to find a replacement. That responsibility does not fall to the club, the coaches or other players.


8) Failure to find a replacement will become a matter for discussion between coaches and committee and a suitable response agreed.


9) Training / General

1. All players to train 2 nights per week unless communicated through to Coaches

2. Players to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to allocated start time

3. Demonstrate respect for all members of the footy club

4. Any injuries sustained must be reported to club physio and coaches ASAP

5. Players to complete 5 minute warm up if late to training, prior to joining group.


10) Game Day

1. All players to arrive 1hr 15ms prior to start time (Communication if running late) wearing official club polo, black suit pants and black shoes

2. All players to be ready for warm up as a team (Strapped, kitted, physio)

3. Players to respect what position they have been placed in by the coach

4. Players allocated match day roles must complete the designated role

5. Registration and payment requirements set by committee will be followed by coaches. (Eg: No payment by set time will mean non selection)


11) Registration

1. Your registration fees must be paid in advance otherwise you will not be able to take the field to play, in some circumstances, the Magic will agree to other payment options however this must be discussed and agreed to in advance by the committee.

2. The registration cost of $400.00 includes a $40.00 deposit for the game day Guernsey, this deposit will be refunded when the game day Guernsey is returned at the end of the season. It will be the responsibility of the player to wash and bring to each game. If a player fails to bring their game day Guernsey to a game, it may result in them not playing.

3. If a players Guernsey is damaged throughout the season they are required to report it to the coaches or committee as soon as possible.

4. All new players will receive a training Guernsey, bag, training singlet, playing shorts, socks, club polo and platinum insurance. Existing players will receive training singlet, playing shorts, socks, club polo and platinum insurance.

5. By registering in the 2015 season you are giving BMAFC right to pass on your email to Helloworld Winston Hills.


12) General

BMAFC reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice, by agreeing to theses terms and conditions you acknowledge that these terms and conditions may be modified without notice.