2014 Coaching Staff Announcement

Updated: November 25, 2013
Coaching 2014 v1

We are very excited about the challenges ahead in 2014 and  we can now announce that we will have a coaching panel in 2014 to take on these challenges, comprised of:


Club Coaches: Ash Moeller & Leighton Corr

Div 5 Coach: Darren Edmondson


The guys are already working on the training program over the Summer & into next season so there is much anticipation to see what that will be.


It is also important that we recognise the work of Dean Connors and Benny Gray. Dean has done an incredible job as coach over the last 2 seasons, and was a deserved Premiership Coach in 2013. A record of 2 Grand Final appearances in 2 seasons in quite an achievement. But his ability to bring together a team from all walks of life, to create the Magic Family, has been his greatest achievement. So thank you Deano.

And to Benny, who did a stellar job in his first year this year as coach. Thanks for all the work you contributed, it was a great year for the Div 5 lads, and you did a top job in managing the side.


We now look forward to the 2014 season and the exciting journey which the Magic family will be apart of.


We have the Magic to Win!



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